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Diamond's BlackHeels Experience

Personal Note from Diamond:

OMG, I was SUPER nervous. I suffer from massive anxiety disorder and when I say I lost sleep, was sick to my stomach, shaking for DAYS, that's just the beginning! Please believe me when I say that within moments of meeting Feather in person and an honest 5-10 minutes behind the camera, I never felt more comfortable!!!

What made you choose Black Heels Photography for your boudoir experience?

A friend of mine did a boudoir session with Black Heels Photography and after seeing these amazing photos I really wanted to see if they could make ME look that amazing too!

What Inspired you to book your session?

After seeing the photos of my friends session and hearing what an amazing time she had - my interest was 'peaked' to say the least!  I was in love with how these photos really brought out the true beauty in Every Single Shot!

Was there anything you were nervous about going into the session?

Yes - EVERYTHING!  I have severe anxiety issues and was super uncomfortable from the moment I said yes.  I thought, "I can't really do this" and "What was I thinking!" There was not a moment that I was NOT nervous going into the session.

How was the planning process?

For being such a detailed, organized, OCD person - this was amazing! Feather literally helps you plan every single detail making the planning process something you don't even need to stress or worry about. (which I was already worried about everything as it was)

How did you feel during your session?

within minutes of my session I was completely at ease.  I didn't think that was possible - yet somehow that's exactly what happened!  I guess I was expecting it to be awkward or uncomfortable or that I was supposed to be some sex goddess and know how to be 'sexy'... but that wasn't the case at all.  It was completely relaxing and so casual and fun!  I had such a wonderful time that I truly felt like I was just hanging out with one of my best friends!

Was the session different than what you were expecting?

ABSOLUTELY - 100%!  I really thought I was going to arrive to lights, flashes, directions being given (you know - how we all see 'photo shoots' on tv!) but it was sooo the opposite - so relaxing and fun!

What was your favorite part of the session?

ALL OF IT!  But if I have to pick one, I think it would have to be just how comfortable Feather makes you feel in just a matter of minutes.

Did you like your images?

I love them!  I seriously stare at them all the time expecting to look at them and see someone else... because I never thought I would look at a picture of MYSELF and love it as much as I do!  I can always look at pictures of other women and recognize their beauty but couldn't see it as easily in myself.

Did the experience help give you are more positive perception of yourself?

Absolutely - I would (and have) recommend this to every single woman - do this for YOU!  It is such an amazing experience.  I never had much confidence in myself but this experience has helped me to see myself differently - I have learned to appreciate myself and actually LOVE Myself and my body again!  

Do you have any advice for women/couples interested in booking a boudoir session

I would advise everyone to do this - it is such an empowering experience. As an individual shoot, it will really make you feel amazing about yourself and as a couple - I can't even imagine how fantastic this would be!!

Based on your experience, would you do it again in the future?

absolutely!!  without a doubt... which is ironic considering All I had was doubt!


Diamond was so amazing at her first session that I asked her to come back and shoot a few Christmas promo images with me. She slayed them as well. Here are just a few from that session...

Any final thoughts or anything you would like to tell Feather or Ren at BlackHeels Photography?

All I can say is "Thank you" and "Keep doing what you're doing" - you give so many women (men, couples, etc.) the opportunity to be seen and see themselves for the amazing sexy individuals they already are but may have lost sight of!  XOXO

Makeup Provided by Client herself

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