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Lady L Experience / Bonus Couples Session

I have worked with Lady L multiple times. From a light and airy Boudoir session to a dark and moody session. Just recently I had the honor of photographing a couples session for her and her boyfriend. Her spirit is absolutely amazing and their chemistry together is undeniable. Not only did these 2 set my camera on fire they both had me laughing until my stomach hurt in between shots. Here is their experience from both perspectives.

Hair and Makeup done by Client herself (so much talent)

Everyday to Slay

*What made you choose Black Heels Photography for your boudoir experience?

I saw a fellow coworkers pictures and about died ... you can see how confident she makes women feel just by seeing her pics but then combine that with her talent and amazing personality and it’s a no brainer.  

*What Inspired you to book your session?

Like most, it’s nerve wrecking but from that very first phone conversation with Feather I was hooked.  I couldn’t wait to shoot with her and if allowed probably would have driven over after getting off of the phone and shot right then.  Lol.  I cannot stress enough how amazing it is to gel, laugh and most importantly feel comfortable with the photographer. So for me I saw her work first but then after speaking with her I was ecstatic and on the edge of my seat anxiously waiting to plan and for shoot day to arrive.  

*Was there anything you were nervous about going into the session?

Of course butterflies are normal no matter how many time you have done a shoot or if you never have.  However this was an excited kind of nervous and that was due to Feather making me feel so comfortable but also beyond excited to shoot with her.

*How was the planning process?

First off Feather is a planner and let me tell you, THANK THE LORD SHE IS.  She tells you little things to do because she knows what can make or break a photo.  Chipped nails, nail color and even colors that will be amazing as well as sends help for outfit ideas and places you can look for outfits at.  She makes the pre-planning part beyond easy (which in turn helps with the nervousness factor) but she also takes the time to make sure everything is planned out in advance.  This is HUGE.  She doesn’t take on a million clients just to take them on she takes a specific number only and then makes sure to give those clients her undivided attention they deserve for their shoot to make the experience absolutely amazing and a memorable one.  

*How did you feel during your session?

To start I felt 1000% comfortable but also like I’ve known Feather since high school (which I haven’t but honestly is how I felt).  I was so relaxed and besides laughing a ton from having fun, dancing sometimes between takes also, she made me feel like I was a model doing this for forever.  There is something to be said about someone who genuinely loves what she does but even more so loves how empowered she leaves her clients each and EVERY SINGLE TIME.  That to me speaks volumes on top of her amazing photography skills.  It is a partnership when you do a shoot and I can truly say everyone I’ve encountered who has shot with Black Heels had boasted about their experience and are anxiously awaiting another opportunity to book their next session with her.  

*What was your favorite part of the session?

My favorite part is the whole experience because to me you can’t break it into one part.  It all flows and you need the pre-planning to the continued communication about shoot day to the hair and makeup, then the outfit choices, the laughing, getting set up, posing, outtakes and then seeing it all come together in a finished product for you to get to the end.  Every part of the process is necessary and every step brings on exciting new emotions so to be totally honest I love every aspect of it.  

*Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself?

1000%.  We are our toughest critics and that’s somewhat thanks to the world we live in but also due to the fact that we don’t always see what others see, that is until Feather captures just that in all of her pics.  That strong, brave, beautifully unique women that we judge daily.  She helps you see what we do quickly and often overlook.  I’m eternally grateful.  

*Do you have any advice for women/couples interested in booking a boudoir session

I seriously am not a mooshy person, a hugger or any of that but Feather just doesn’t realize how amazing she makes her clients feel.  I’m not kidding if I could gift every women with a shoot with you I truly would, because the experience and how amazing you feel and holy crap how phenomenal the pictures are is something every women should feel and see about themselves at least once in their life.

*Based on your experience, would you do it again in the future?

I would do it every day if I could and that is the truth.

*How would you rate your session on a scale of 1-10?

100.  Sorry I clearly don’t follow directions well but if I can only use this scale I’d definitely say a 10.

*Would you recommend BlackHeels Photography to others?

Yes and I do and have since the first time I shot with her.  Heck even before I shot with her I was just from seeing precious work with a coworker and from our very first phone conversation.

*Any final thoughts or anything you would like to tell Feather or Ren at BlackHeels Photography?

No matter how many times you hear it, I’ll gladly say it again... you two are one in a million.  There is no better team or photographer around than you Feather.  Personality wise, professionalism wise, ability wise and just as an overall experience it truly doesn’t get any better.   The way you make your clients feel and how much time and love you put into making the shoot a one of a kind experience is something that is unsurpassed and cannot be duplicated by anyone.  So thank you!  


*What made you choose Black Heels Photography for your boudoir experience?

My lovely bride (Girlfriend)

*Was there anything you were nervous about going into the session?

Yes ummmmm tons of stuff like being aroused in front of the camera, am I sexy enough to be next to this woman, etc.

*Was the session different than what you were expecting?

Very much so!! I felt relaxed!! Just natural

*What was your favorite part of the session?

The behind the scene memories and laughing so hard but also the chemistry being caught between my girlfriend and I.

*Did you like your images?

Does a bear shit in the woods.... (MY FAVORITE ANSWER EVER!! LOL)

*Did the experience help give you are more positive perception of yourself?

Of course especially how the images came out...holy caliente

Do you have any advice for women/couples interested in booking a boudoir session

Yes just let the feelings and emotions spill out in front of the camera.

Based on your experience, would you do it again in the future?

Ohhhh hella yasssss!

How would you rate your session on a scale of 1-10?

A 10 being fab so 10+

Would you recommend BlackHeels Photography to others?

In a heart beat!!

Any final thoughts or anything you would like to tell Feather at BlackHeels Photography?

Nothing other than thank u so much for capturing such amazing images of the chemistry and love between a man to his Girlfriend.

I had a blast working with these two!


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