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Miss. S's BlackHeels Boudoir Experience

What made you choose Black Heels Photography for your boudoir experience? I had heard about Black Heels photography from a friend. When I joined the Facebook page and saw how positive Feather was that was a huge plus. There is a great group of women devoted to Black Heels Photography, which made it a no brainer!

What Inspired you to book your session? Doing a session was something very out of my comfort zone. I had been dealing with body issues and not feeling as confident as I had in years past. I thought that all of the images that I had seen were so great that it might be fun to give it a try and see how going out of my comfort zone would be. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results and felt so comfortable during the whole shoot!

Was there anything you were nervous about going into the session? I was definitely nervous about how my body would look and if I would be comfortable enough to get some good shots. Not being a smaller size was on my mind before the shoot as well. I was nervous about being vulnerable in front of a camera.

How was the planning process? The planning process was very directed and easy! I loved how there were tips and tricks that Feather sent out before the shoot-those were so helpful and included things I would never had even thought of! Planning the appointment and reveal, Feather was so easy to communicate with and she was so flexible when we needed to reschedule. I loved how she kept the enthusiasm going after the shoot by sending some of the untouched images-those really made me very excited to see the final images!

How did you feel during your session? I was nervous when I first walked in, but that soon melted away the more time I spent with Ren and Feather. They really made me feel at home and welcomed. During the session they were both so encouraging and I honestly had the time of my life working with them. They do anything for a good shot! I had quite a few good laughs with them during my session which really brought my walls down and made me feel so comfortable. I had the time of my life during my session and enjoyed it so much more than I could have ever imagined!

Was the session different than what you were expecting? No, it was not-I just wasn’t expecting to have so much fun ;)

What was you favorite part of the session? My favorite part of the session was learning the poses and having such a great time with Feather and Ren! I left feeling so lighthearted and sexy and that was amazing

Did you like your images? I more than like my images, I’m obsessed with them! I’m so happy with how they turned out and am very impressed

Did the experience help give you a more positive perception of yourself? Most definitely. It made me realize that even though I may not view my body as perfect, that does not mean that it doesn’t look good and that I should enjoy being in my own skin and being happy and sexy

Do you have any advice for women/couples interested in booking a boudoir session:

I would say that the biggest thing is to just let go and have fun! If you are being you then that will show in your images and you can’t go wrong! Nerves are natural but just prepare to have a great time!

Based on your experience, would you do it again in the future? Yes! I would definitely want to do it again in the future. I feel Lucky that I was able to have one session and will be even luckier if I could do it again!

Would you recommend BlackHeels Photography to others? Yes! I have already told a lot of my female friends about BlackHeels and one of my friends is hoping she can do a session sometime in the future!

Any final thoughts or anything you would like to tell Feather or Ren at BlackHeels Photography? Keep up the good work! You both are so good at what you do and it really shows!

Thank you so much to this amazing woman for letting her guard down and trusting us to capture the gorgeous woman that she is!

Makeup Provided by Beauty by Ren

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