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What They Are Saying...

 Each client schedules their session for a different reason. See what these ladies had to say about their personal  experience.

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It was SO FUN! All the nerves went away. I was super excited, like not able to sleep excited, for days before hand. It was hard to sit still that morning .

I loved my images. The hardest part was selecting pictures for the album.

- Lady N--

Blackheels_Photography_Boudoir_CQ Xmas 2

Within minutes of my session I was completely at ease.  I didn't think that was possible - yet somehow that's exactly what happened!  I guess I was expecting it to be akward or uncomfortable or that I was supposed to be some sex goddess and know how to be 'sexy'... but that wasn't the case at all.  It was completely relaxing and so casual and fun!  I had such a wonderful time that I truly felt like I was just hanging out with one of my best friends!

- Diamond -

I let go of my pessimistic thoughts and decided I was just going to have fun.

You empowered me. You made me feel like I had done this all my life. You brought my self-esteem up every time you looked at the back of the camera and smiled.

You allowed me to bring out this sexiness that I was too shy to bring out. You and Ren let me be me. You motivated me. You inspired me. You made me feel beautiful.

- Lady C--

I immediately felt at easy when I showed up. I noted with increased excitement the set up she had, the countless pillows, silky sheets, soft fuzzy things, a full length mirror, calming lighting, music...all of my jitters suddenly vanished. I couldn't wait to jump on the bed and start rolling on the sheets.

- Lady C -

I did my first shoot ever with Feather last weekend, I must admit I was extremely nervous I didn’t have “what it takes” to bare it all. Omg I was so wrong, from the moment I walked in I felt like I’ve known Feather my entire life, I dropped the clothes and dove right in. Feather knew exactly how to not only make me feel comfortable but also fierce. Feather brought out the sexy that was always in there just needed to be tapped into. I can’t say enough about what an empowering amazing experience everything was, not to mention the stunning photos that followed.

- Lady K --

It was nothing short of absolutely amazing to work with Feather! I have previously done boudoir shoots but nothing has compared to my experience with Blackheels Photography. Feather's energy immediately made me feel completely comfortable as well as sensual and empowered. Her artistic vision is true talent, and her direction to execute that vision is even more impressive. I definitely plan to work with Feather again and highly recommend her to anyone regardless of your level of experience. Thank you Feather for a fun and amazing photo shoot - for the experience as well as the images you captured.

 - Miss D -

 I was excited because I had seen Feather’s work and absolutely loved it. Couldn’t wait to see what her eye would catch. She was so nice in helping us pick our outfits & once I arrived it was like we got along instantly. She was so warm and welcoming and explained what steps we were going to do. Wasn’t uncomfortable for a minute. Had so much fun working with Feather ❤️, I can’t wait to shoot again. And, once the photos came back I was in love with her art. She is amazing, and the experience couldn’t of been any better. You are amazing Feather...

Thank you"

- Lady A --

"Before I did the shoot, I lacked self confidence due to some negative people in my life who would criticize my looks, lifestyle, and  body. I anticipated liking the photos, I did not anticipate LOVING the photos the way I did. Every time I would pose for a photo and hear Feather tell me how sexy it looked, it raised my self-esteem. The first image I saw, I couldn’t stop looking at it. The photos reinforced what the session had made me feel, that I can be beautiful and sexy no matter what the negative people have to say. The session was very empowering and raised my self confidence enormously.

- Miss A -


I literally felt my confidence growing as the shoot was in session and I was posing. Then to see al the behind the scenes reactions of the off the back of the camera... raw images, no editing!! It was all just so uplifting its amazing.

- Mrs.C --

I was slightly hesitant and nervous going into my shoot. Not knowing what to expect. When I expressed my worries, Feather made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I enjoyed every moment of my time with her.

When I left that day I felt so empowered and beautiful, it was ridiculous. I couldn't believe those images were me.

- Lady M -

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